Bontrager Adventure Frame Bag


A durable frame bag made with water resistant construction that’s ready to add versatility and adventure to your bike.

Carry more, go further

Adventure awaits with this frame bag designed specifically to work with most Trek bike frames. A simple strap design makes installation a breeze and the durable, waterproof materials help ensure that you are ready for anything. The Adventure Frame Bag comes in three sizes, each featuring compartmentalized pockets to keep all of your riding and adventuring needs organized

It’s available in three sizes, each featuring a large main pocket with a smaller compartment for keeping all of your riding and adventuring gear organized.

Product details

  1. Available in three sizes to fit more frames and adventures
  2. Stay organized with one main pocket and one smaller compartment pocket
  3. High-vis lining makes finding your gear easy
  4. Easy-to-use attachment straps feature a soft rubber coating to reduce abrasion
  5. Water resistant construction helps keep your gear dry
  6. Durable materials and robust zippers designed to last