5 Facts About The Bike Shortage

1. The 2020/21 bike shortage has not improved.
  • Many bike models will continue to be in shorter supply in 2022 than they were in 2021.
2. Buying a bike in 2022 is all about pre-ordering. 
  • In the past you would have been able to select a bike, go for a test ride, and buy a bike in store on the same day. You now have to pre-order to secure a bike for later 2022.
3. You will have to pre-order now to ensure you get a bike before 2023.
  • If you want a bike in 2022 you will have to pre-order ASAP. Many of the bikes we are receiving now were pre-ordered by customers in the early 2021, and many of the pre-orders we are now processing are for early to late 2022.

4. With continuing supply challenges, we cannot guarantee the following:

  • Delivery dates – Estimated delivery dates are subject to change.
  • Prices – are subject to change.
  • Models – See below

5. Models are subject to change from one model year to the next.

  • As delivery dates get pushed farther out, it is possible for models to change to the next model year.
  • Updated versions are highly likely to have different parts, colour and prices than the previous versions they have replaced.

How To Pre-Order

1. Determine the bike you’re looking for.
  • Type, Brand, Model: Any bit of info on what you’re looking for can help make finding a bike easier.
  • We can help guide you through this process if you’re unsure.
2. Contact us.
  • You can call, email, or come in-store
  • We will determine the ETA’s of bikes that will work for you.
3. Pay a 50% deposit.
  • To pre-order a bike, we require a 50% deposit to lock it in.
4. Wait.
  • Once your bike arrives, we will assemble and tune it, then contact you.